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Re: spam suggestion

> I think you've got it backwards --
> The proposal, as I understood it, was that if you list as a DNS server the DNS
> server of a known spammer (e.g., NS.CYBERPROMO.COM) then your domain will not
> have mail accepted from it.
> You were suggesting the situation of a spammer listing you as a DNS server, and
> you'd get cut off... that wouldn't be right.

I guess I wasn't clear enough about what I was trying to say - I got too
carried away bitching and moaning about the NIC.  I apologize for that.

My point really is:  

What would define a known spammer domain?  I mean, yeah we all know about
cyberpromo.com, but how do we decide what new domains to add to the list?
It has become common practice to put as the return address on spam the
address of the person who has been most successful (or most vociferous) at
punishing the spammer (and thus deflecting the anger of the recipients away
from the spammer onto a semi-innocent victim).  The concept is similar to
the old Usenet "mail bomb".  

Aren't we creating a similar (but more automatic) opportunity for spammers
to carry out a meta-denial of service attack?  If a spammer is only
interested in getting phone and fax responses, they don't care at all if
their NS entries are incorrect or bogus...

(I just don't seem to be able to say *anything* in 100 words or less today...)


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