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Re: spam suggestion

> I have a suggestion to augment the dns stuff. What do people think
> of a rule like
> 	reject if target host's ns is xxx ?
> Like, assume xxx is a spammer's front. It looks like that there will
> be new sites yyy using xxx as ns before it is discovered that yyy is
> also a spammer's front. If the assumption that no decent site will
> use a spammer's front as ns, this might prevent some unknown spammer
> sites from spamming.
> Does this make sense or will it work?

	Yes, I have thought of implementing it, but in a bit
	different form...

	Namely I thought of retrieving (daily) DNS zone files for
	COM, ORG, and NET from  rs.internic.net, and looking up
	from there those domains that have spam-heaven's as their
	NS server.  Then producing that into domain-list file,
	and feeding to the policy-maker.sh

	Anybody willing to spend a day at writing that script ?
	I can put it running daily at nic.funet.fi, or at
	www.zmailer.org ...

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