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Re: stable version of zmailer

> Hello,
> We're currently running a very old zmailer, but planning to 
> use a current version on a new Sparc20 we're putting up. 
> Some time ago there was a discussion on this list about 
> 2.99.48 being the 'stable' release. Is this still true? 
> Should I be installing 2.99.48 at patch level 6?

	Correct, 2.99.48.patch6 is stable, however it does
	not contain policy filtering at the smtp server.
	You may think that it isn't necessary, but at least
	I have lately learned that to be without such is

	I am in process of stabilizing 2.99.49, and then
	I will concentrate on doing minor bug fixes, and

> --
> Michael Simms
> Network Services
> University of Toronto
> michael.simms@utoronto.ca

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi> <mea@utu.fi>