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Re: 2.99.49p6 test 2 - available

> > > BTW, is it true that from now on there is no need to run newaliases
> > > and restart the router by hand after modifying aliases (and other db)
> > > files?
> > 
> >      Correct, you don't need to do both, just doing  "newaliases"
> >      is enough.   Oh, didn't I mention it in the highlights ?
> Hmm, it looks like you do not need to do *either*.  Looks like the
> router runs newalises itself?  Yes I know that there was some code
> in the .cf files to do the thing long ago, but it did not seem to
> work until now.

	The 'newaliases' becomes run at router startup, if test conditions
	are met, but while you have the router running, and you update the
	aliases, you need to do 'newaliases' manually.
	(Or restart the router ...)

> Eugene

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>