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Re: 2.99.49p6 test 2 - available

> >      File:  ftp://mea.tmt.tele.fi/zmailer-2.99.49p6.tar.gz
> BTW, is it true that from now on there is no need to run newaliases
> and restart the router by hand after modifying aliases (and other db)
> files?

	Correct, you don't need to do both, just doing  "newaliases"
	is enough.   Oh, didn't I mention it in the highlights ?

	Actually it is not new, but usually the databases are not
	in binary form for which there is a reliable reconstruction
	mechanism, or they are edited in-place, which is rather

	To have it working, one MUST NOT copy/write over the existing
	database file(s), the new data must be MOVED into place;
	specifically if it is coming from other disk partion, it must
	be moved thru a temporary file:
		mv /other/partition/routes.db MAILVAR/db/routes-new.db
		mv MAILVAR/db/routes-new.db MAILVAR/db/routes.db

	(Though your encounters with "[ file1 -nt file2 ]" expressions
	 call for carefull script rewrite -- or perhaps I just have to
	 add short-circuiting into the test facility.
	 Umm... No short-circuiting in POSIX 1003.2 'test'..)

> Eugene

/Matti Aarnio