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Re: router db API

> Hi all,
> Finally, I wrote my LDAP router db module.  It tested with 2.99.48 and I
> think it shouldn't have any problem with latest version if no API is changed.
> Mea,  I haven't integrated this module into autoconfig as I don't know 
> enough how to do it :(  Can you or anyone help to put it altogether?   It 
> should compile well either with UM ldap 3.3 or Netscape Directory SDK 1.0. 

	I can do that, but do tell, what libraries need to be found
	and linked in at the  router  link time ?  "-lldap -llber" ?
	And what includes ?  "lber.h" and "ldap.h"

	Any known standard locations for those ?
	(Umm... ftp.funet.fi is has huge number of software mirrors,
	 UM-LDAP is amongst them ...  Ok, Linux appears to compile
	 them per default under prefix:  /usr/local,  although I had
	 to edit  Make-common  to get the BSD DB to be used at RedHat
	 Linux system.)

	I think I will take the lazy way, and just add a few   --with-*
	options, for example:

	That way defining any of them will get LDAP into use, and then
	also set the location of the includes, and libraries.

	In the default Linux setup you would then need just add option:

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