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Re: alternatives to ETRN

>      The discussion quickly went away from ETRN, so more than likely I
> have to hack something together that accepts a message with a domain in it
> and telnets to port 25, says EHLO and the ETRN domain.

I think this is OK - just a five line expect script.
Although, I think that a small program that would do
the same thing as ETRN command could be useful.
There are systems where clients do a `finger doman.name'
or something to initiate queue run, and such a command
would ease their transfer to Zmailer.  Something like this:

main (int argc,char *argv[]) {
	FILE *mfp=mail_open(MSG_RFC822);
	fprintf(mfp, "%c%c%s\n",_CF_TURNME,_CFTAG_NORMAL,argv[1])
	runasrootuser(); /* really needed? */
	mail_close_alternate(mfp, TRANSPORTDIR, "");