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Re: manual draft, 2.99.49p5 test release

> Quick note: in compat/rmail, linebuffer.c would not be built because
> Solaris make does not expand '$<'.  If you try gmake, it (probably)
> somehow conflicts with Solaris make and would not build everything
> else...

	Yes, these are most disturbing problematic details.
	I don't know why, but on Solaris the  /usr/ccs/bin/make
	does seem to have problems, while gmake (GNU make) in
	the same system works most of the time.  I have the
	/usr/ccs/bin in front of my $PATH for these tests.

	The "man -s 1s make" tells me of  $<,  and that it should
	work.  OTOH, the VPATH thing looks much like BSD/GNU-ONLY
	type of thing, which does not work with the SysVr4 'make'.

	SysVr4 'make' seems to work ok on Solaris when the configure
	is not done in 'architecture specific subtree'; that is:
		./configure ...
	is ok, while
		mkdir arch ; cd arch
		../configure ...
	fails to produce compilable setup.

	Hmm...  for most of the compile..  The  '$<' seems to upset
	it at some places.

	I have now replaced the distribution with fixed one where
	these  Makefile.in  problems have been solved -- to an extent
	that they work at Solaris as well as at Linux.

	Still, apparently the architectural sub/side directory setup
	works only with GNU-make, but now it works when the program
	has any name -- like 'gmake' -- which does not collide with
	system 'make'..

> Eugene

/Matti Aarnio -- again creating sleep deprivation problem for myself..