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manual draft, 2.99.49p5 test release


	At the end you see the ChangeLog, but other comments at first:

	Lattest snapshot of ZMailer MANUAL is now available at
	<A HREF="http://www.zmailer.org/zmanual/"> Comments are
	appreciated (send them to me!).  (The technical writers
	have been autonomous until now, and been using existing
	material, mainly "zmog", and it has not yet been merged
	with lattest infos at few man-pages, nor the picking of
	(my) brain has yet started.)

	This release snapshot is available now ONLY at:
	there are some bits in the new mailbox pipe handling
	that I am unhappy with, and therefore do not like to
	place this into  ftp.funet.fi  quite yet.

	My unhappines comes from un-asked for positive DSN report
	I get, when sending email to "|/bin/true"  (thru alias
	entry:   test-true: "|/bin/true" )  I haven't figured
	out why it happens, but I still want to release this
	before I go seiling (yachting) with my friend for a few
	days starting tomorrow.   (I have had too much of sleep
	deprivation this week for straight thinking, perhaps..)

	Couple of other highlights:
	- You can do:
		tar xzvvf zmailer-xxxx.tar.gz
		cd zmailer-xxxx
		mkdir system1
		cd system1
		../configure --params...
	- You can do also:
		prefix=/var/tmp/system1 make install
	  But see comments about it in the  INSTALL  file.
	- Alexis Yushin's code to have 'queueonly' channel/host
	  selectors at the scheduler.  To get things flowing
	  from such queues you need to use smtpserver to issue:
		ETRN target.host.name
	  (This is not updated into documentation yet.)

Now I will try to get off the network for a few days, and instead
use varying atmospheric pressures to move myself around finnish
archipelago -- in english:  I will go yachting with my friend.

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>

PS: According to movie "Speed 2":  Extensive long-term exposure to
    electromagnetic fields from computers causes copper poisoning,
    which is fatal condition ...  ( ;-) )

Fri Jul 25 01:48:13 1997  Matti Aarnio  <mea@mea.tmt.tele.fi>

	* Makefile.in:
	    Version 2.99.49p5

	* All Makefile.in files, configure.in:
	    mechanics to compile in VPATH environment, and to install
	    with  "prefix=/my/tmp/root make install"

	* config.h.in, configure.in, router/db.c, router/libdb/hostsfile.c:
	    Tests for  gethostent() sethostent() and endhostent()

	* include/ta.h, transports/libta/ctlopen.c:
	    New "DSN" object parsing: INPTR=

	* libsh/interpret.c:
	    ssift attribute string dequotation mechanics rewrite
	    (correcting operation, avoiding core-drops..)

	* man/smtpserver.8, smtpserver/cfgread.c, smtpserver/smtpserver.c,
	    Syncing man-pages with the reality, new
	        PARAM ListenQueueSize nnn
	    runtime parameter with default value of 20 000.

	* proto/cf/i-smtp.cf, proto/cf/map.cf

	* proto/scheduler.conf, scheduler/scheduler.c:
	    channel/host selector:  chan/*.{fii,foo}

	* proto/scheduler.conf, proto/sm.conf.in, proto/cf/standard.cf
	    'bitbucket' channel

	* scheduler/scheduler.h, scheduler/readconfig.c, scheduler/threads.c:
	    "queueonly" flag by Alexis Yushin <alexis@NL.net>

	* smtpserver/policytest.c:
	    Ascii-mode debug printing routines by
	    Eugene Crosser <crosser@online.ru>

	* moved: support/vacation/ -> utils/vacation/

	* transports/expirer/expirer.c, transport/expirer/Makefile.in:
	    New transport agent with thought of it becoming a tool
	    for the scheduler, but apparently it is also well suited
	    for manual operation.  Docs are missing..

	* transports/libta/writeheaders.c, transports/hold/hold.c,
	  transports/mailbox/mailbox.c, transports/smtp/smtp.c,
	    Moved implicite newline after header write out of the
	    writeheaders() routine into each caller.  Thus became
	    able to do smart things with mailbox; ORCPT XTEXT decoding,
	    for example.

	* transports/mailbox/mailbox.c:
	    When writing to a pipe, don't care if the write stops
	    due to some error, but if the pipe end-point process
	    exists with non-zero status, THEN become upset!
	    (Still something mysterious with pipe reports -- I see
	     positive reports even when I don't ask for them..)

	* transports/smtp/smtp.c:
	    Error reporting correction in one rare case, and
	    general streamlining.