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Re: source routing

> Hi,
> For a specific purpose, I 'need' to route messages depending on the source
> ("MAIL From: <xxx@yyy>") of the message.
> In the RFC's and drafts in the doc-directory of the source distribution of
> ZMailer, the use of source routing of messages is discouraged, I know, but
> I'd like to use it.
> But.. In the guides-directory for example, I cannot find anything about it.
> My question: is source routing implemented in the current release of ZMailer
> (2.99.49p3).

	If you mean RFC-source-routing in form of addresses:
	then the system has always understood it.

	On the other hand, if you are thinking source routing
	in sense of:
		"if source is  xxx@yyy, route the destination
		 address  aaa@bbb  like this..."
	that kind of behaviour is not readily available.

> Remco
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