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Re: Vacation (broken pipe problem)

> 	Yes, this is the main reason behind the bundled vacation
> 	program.  Perhaps the installation system should sense the
> 	system vacation binary location and behaviour, and replace
> 	it with $MAILBIN/vacation (or symlink to it, thereof).


'vacation start' however creates a .forward file that redirects
mails into the vacation shell script instead of vacation.exe binary.
(Version 2.99.45) This is due a patch at the end of 'case' command:

        #exec $realprog $@                 <------- this was probably good
        echo "$0: Wrong usage!"
        echo "  $0 $@"
        echo "Parameter is either: start  or  stop!"
        exit 64

Then 'vacation username' returns an error message.

Fast hack:

#               echo "$user," '"|/usr/local/mail/bin/vacation' $user'"' > \
                echo "$user," '"|$realprog' $user'"' > \