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Re: smtp strangeness

Sorry about replying to my own message. I found the problem.
My mail hub was configured to run smtpserver with all "ftveR"
checks, but the gateway was generating "From: <>" lines.
Getting rid of the "From" checks fixed the problem.

But then this points to some questions:

- zmailer should never generate "From: <>" lines, because this
  might cause mails that cannot be delivered even to another
  zmailer server, which is a rather silly situation.

- smtp should see the "554 illegal address syntax" error and
  give up; instead, it continues and tries to send a "MAIL FROM"
  command. (Well, at least the spammers seem to give up when
  confronted with a 554...)

These are my thoughts; someone might want to correct me if I'm
obviously off the mark here :)

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