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Re: www.zmailer.org

On Thu, 17 Jul 1997, Dave Mason wrote:

> Matti Aarnio writes:
> > 	(just wondering aloud..)  How much there would be market
> > 	for support of software that you get in source for free,
> > 	and the free releases would be tracking very closely the
> > 	paid supported version ?  This just because doing two trees
> > 	in high quality manner is -- how to say -- "painfull"..
> Cygnus does a reasonable business supporting GNU software.
> Re: your comment about Telecom Finland making ZMailer its commercial
> product.  Certainly they couldn't restrict access to the free zmailer
> software, as per the copyrights.  I doubt they could even make a
> commercial version without Rayan's approval.  Of course they could pay
> you to build a product very much *like* zmailer (that might well be a
> better product based on almost 10 years experience with zmailer).
> So I don't think Alexis has much to worry about in terms of zmailer
> becoming restricted.
> Who knows, NLTel might want to buy a support contract from Telecom
> Finland, so that Alexis can do other things.

Possibly a reasonable product to sell around zmailer is documentation and 
some web based configuration tools and alternate configurations. Those 
tools in and of them selvs would probibly be worth a couple of hundred 
dollars(US) and would not infringe on us FSF fanitics or those who just 
have roll their own.

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