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Re: www.zmailer.org

> > 	Great. We should take a look at sendmail.org and qmail.org
> > and do something better ;-)
> 	Indeed, we took this step after noticing appearance
> 	of those ORGs..   Now if somebody (hint, hint) would
> 	design a neat logo for the ZMailer.  Something as
> 	"cute" as Linux penguing.

This is probably a U.S.-centric reference, but there is a story about a Robin
Hood type masked hero (OK, maybe more like Batman) named Zorro who went
around defeating the corrupt agents of the Mexican (I think) government.
His signature (with his rapier) was to slice a "Z" in the bad guys (their
clothes in movies :-).

Maybe that's a beginning idea for a logo - I don't have an artistic bone in
my body though.

Just a stream of consciousness thing... :-)


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