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Re: Stalled queues and holding mail

> Once hickey@mail.kernelrom.com wrote:
> >0 entries in router queue: idle
> >9 messages in transport queue: working
> >smtp/dbc-mifco.com:
> >        19163-347:      (activation pending, thread inactive, expires in
> >        7d22h, 
> >tries=0)
> >        19157-341:      (activation pending, thread inactive, expires in
> >        7d16h, 
> >tries=0) 
> >
> >How can I get the messages flushed out of the channel and go on their
> >merry way?
>      try telnet your.host.name 25 and issue TURNME dbc-mifco.com
> command.

Thank you for the idea. I did not know about the TURNME command.

I just found the problem a little bit ago. This past weekend, I also
recreated the zmailer RPM that I have been working on. Because of this,
I had to create a second log directory. The error logs were getting put
in the new directory. I did not think to look in there until I started 
to clean up. 

The problem was that there was no command entry for the two domains. I 
thought that the smtp/* entry was above my entries. At least I assume 
that the smtp/dbc-mifco.com entry would take on all the settings from
smtp/* and */*. Am I wrong?

Now that leaves the question: how are the hold channels used?
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