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Re: procmail as local MDA pointers?

Matti Aarnio writes:
> > Matti Aarnio writes:

> > > > 	Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what I
> > > > did.  I commented out command="mailbox -8" and uncommented
> > > > command="sm -8c $channel procm" in the local/* definition.  It was then
> > > > that I discovered procmail was being asked to deliver mail to aliases,
> > > > which clearly wouldn't work.  Any ideas?  What I want to have done is
> > > > procmail be used *only* for user's mailboxes, and zmailer's mailbox be
> > > > used for pipes and files.

> > > 	The alias expansions et.al. happen entirely inside the router.
> > > 	Therefore there must be something else wrong.
> > > 	(The mailbox is also uterly unable to do alias expansions, thus
> > > 	 if it works, while the procmail does not...)

> > 	Well, something fishy's going on, cause aliases are not
> > expanding prior to hitting procmail:

> 	I called Matthew, and asked him to do a couple tests.
> 	He had stopped the router, and in interactive mode the
> 	router gave successfull routing result.

> 	Then he started the ZMailer, and everything worked as they
> 	should.

> 	I am inclined to believe, this problem was somehow related
> 	to the sequence of doing commands:
> 		# newaliases
> 		# zmailer start

> 	If the aliases database is not at all available at the time
> 	of the router start, the router will not find it latter,
> 	but must be started again (no need to stop it before start..):
> 		# zmailer start router

	Thanks again for the help!  I must say it was quite a surprise
to get an actual phone call regarding this!  I've run some more tests
and things seem to be hunky dory, and users bursting out 400 200K
messages within the space of 5 minutes don't bring the system to its
knees like sendmail did!  Thanks!


Matthew C. Mead					Technology Support Staff,
						Mathematics Department,
mmead@math.vt.edu				Virginia Tech