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Re: autoconf bug w/ 2.99.49 patch1

> Generated this distinctly non-Solaris function in SMTP-UUCP.conf.
> mailconf () {
>         orgdomain=$(/bin/hostname --domain)
>         hostname=$(/bin/hostname --fqdn)
>         # This is what it will say on out mail
>         read mydomain </etc/mailname
> }
> :(

	Whooops.. Copy   TELE-FI.cf  into your router.cf,
	and optionally remove 'usenet' from the list of
	supported protocols.

	At 2.99.49p2 and 2.99.48p6 the TELE-FI.cf will be
	copied into SMTP+UUCP.cf .. (or their *.in versions

	... ok, 2.99.49p2 is now available at my workstation,
	but I will do a bunch of other system tests before
	I place it into  ftp.funet.fi (and thus finalize it)

	I am yet to verify that this one compiles cleanly
	at SunOS 4.1.x systems.   It is now an early morning,
	and I have been up all night --  not that mid-summer
	nights in Finland are very long for that matter...
	Even at latitude of 61 degrees north, where I live.
	(I refrain from giving a short lecture in astronomy here ;) )

> John
> groenvel@cse.psu.edu

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>