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smtp core when delivering to M$ exchange


in last few days we have a little problem - smtp transport agent dies when
it tries to deliver mail to machine with Micro$oft exchange.

Here's the log:

12748r  220 idea.gratex.sk Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service 5.0.1457.7 ready
12748w  EHLO ccsun.tuke.sk
12748r  250-idea.gratex.sk supports the following extensions:
12748r  250-XAUTH
12748r  250-XEXCH50
12748r  250-HELP
12748r  250-VRFY
12748r  250-SIZE 0
12748r  250 DSN
12748#  68129-1: <h2VozYirLu6e091yn@savba.savba.sk>


We tried to upgrade to new version - we have 2.97 and we tryed to copy 
just smtp from 2.99.48pl3 but the same happened (only log changed)
We tried to turn on debug to see more. but that same happened.
just after

<pid># number: <MEssage-id> 

log entry smtp dumped core.
Any fast help ? (some mails have only a few hours to return back :-S)

(Isn't the problem in "SIZE 0" ?)
 Matus "fantomas" Uhlar, sysadmin of one server at SANET Kosice, Slovakia
 E-mail: Matus.Uhlar@tuke.sk ; WWW: http://ccsun.tuke.sk/users/uhlar
 And don't forget: I work for SANET, but talk for myself, dude... ;-)