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Re: patch for 2.99.49beta10

> I unstalled this one on our production machine.
> One thing noticed that I dislike:  it writes in the syslog
> 227686._badheader saved for inspection: message header syntax error!
> and puts a message in POSTOFFICE/postman, not trying to fix
> the problem and send the message in some way (?).  In my case,
> the problem was in non-critical Reply-To: header (which was
> broken by broken sendmail on the way).
> In another .badheader file, I cannot find any error and
> zmailer did not give any hint about what exactly it disliked.

	If the files at $POSTOFFICE/postman/ are named:  *_*
	then they ARE processed with warnings, and perhaps
	sent, perhaps bounced, perhaps..  Anyway, the sender
	DOES get a reply, and you can delete all such files.

	Files WITHOUT *_* in their names are the tough nuts,
	that the router has not been able to handle at all.
	(No sensible address to return an error message to,
	 no working destination addresses, or some serious
	 system fault.  Resubmitting them to router might help,
	 or migh not..)

> Old more tolerant behavior looks better...

	It is still the same as 2.1/2.2.x were.

> Eugene

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>