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Re: spam refusal with crossbar.cf?

> > I was trying to do spam blocking (blocking known spam sites)
> > from within the crossbar, but after what I have done zmailer
> > refuses to deliver mail to the blocked sites, but still
> > happily deliver mail that originates from those sites.
> > 
> > I am clueless about what I did wrong. Someone must have done
> > this before?
> In the latest beta, Matti has included some anti-spamming code in
> the smtpserver.  You may want to check this.

	Indeed, but not yet quite enough.
	My summer assistant is coding more bits for it every day.

	I just made a snapshot  2.99.49b10 available at my workstation,
	but it has none of that code yet.  It does, however have working
	getaddrinfo(); at least it works for me at  nic.funet.fi  without
	several bogus "DNS inconsistency" claims.

> Eugene

	/Matti Aarnio