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Re: Alive ?

On Wed, 4 Jun 1997, Sven Goldt wrote:

> Hi Matti,
> i am still waiting for my signed pgp key. Meanwhile i have a new bug
> for you. Somebody here wants to send a mail to someone.@t-online.de
>                                                      ^^^
> Now zmailer/router says this is not RFC822/9??, but that's not true.
> This adress exists (not someone, but with a trailing '.') and other
> mailsystems deliver mails to this adress.

A couple of other similar ones I've seen recently:

	from <Lola & Connie@vol.it>
and	from <NETWiRE!@netcom.ca>

both likely not RFC822/9xx, but "NETWiRE!" does seem to be what
'Pegasus Mail for Win32 (v2.53/R1)' is using at that site...

Seems these stupid stupid MESSDOS box mail setups lack a lot of sanity

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