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Re: lists using zmailer

Florian Overkamp <sim@wit393101.student.utwente.nl>
> I'm running some small lists on my machine with the zmailer lists and a
> linux/zmailer hacked ListServ for subbing and unsubbing. I'd like to
> atleast have a look at the scripts, but from your description I stil don't
> get any idea as to what they do and don't do. 

I'll send them to you.

One script handles -request mail, processing and answering some (with
cc to the admins), answering some without doing any processing, and
leaving a final small fraction for the admins to handle.

The other one looks for mail loops, bounces, unsubscribes, spam and
perhaps some other bogus mail, and resends the rest to the lists'
subscribers with an appropriate DSN.  It does not use any alias, but
sends the message to all of the subscribers itself.