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Re: Config Question

> These are probably pretty simple questions; however, I'm quite new to
> ZMailer, so even a pointer to the right FM would be appreciated.... <grin>
> I'm currently running 2.99.48p2 on Debian GNU/Linux.  All is working fine;
> however, I've got two things I'd like to change:
> 1.  I'd like to hide the system-name on outgoing mail.  ZMailer is using
> the FQDN - how do I change that?

	INSTALL -file, paragraph 7 speaking of 'mydomain'
	Also note paragraph 8 speaking of 'localnames' file.

> 2.  On my old system (SCO Unix), the mail system was configured to
> recognise when multiple copies of the same message were being sent to the
> same addressee and would, therefore, suppress additional copies.  i.e. if I
> were a member of two mailing lists on the local system and someone send a
> message addressed to me and to both lists, I'd receive only one copy of the
> message.  Currently, on my new system, I am receiving three messages.  Can
> ZMailer be configured to do this?

	This is more hairy situation.
	It does the suppression in case the lists are ZMailer internal, but
	if any of them involves running external programs (i.e. Majordomo),
	they are entirely separate entities.

	To answer fully, I do need to know your list setup.  Are the lists
	in the  $MAILSHARE/lists/ -directory, or somewhere else ?  If they
	are elsewere, where ? How ?

> Thanks for any help,
> Kevin Traas
> Systems Analyst
> Edmondson Roper CA
> http://www.eroper.bc.ca

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>