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Re: BDAT test 2

(Cc: ZMailer list)

Ok, both BDAT test transmissions were successfull.
Here is what the SMTP-server logged:

24421r	BDAT 787 LAST
24421w	250 2.6.0 S.nWTAX231510 Roger, got 787 bytes in the last chunk, stored 1057 bytes into spool
24421#	-- pipeline input: 0 bytes

That is, the BDAT data was precisely sized.
This version of ZMailer I am running has unconditional reply flush at the
end of the BDAT processing.  ZMailer 2.99.49 release will have it too.

However I still don't understand, why the conditional reply flush didn't
happen with "pipeline input: 0 bytes" condition at the end of the BDAT
subroutine (as it should have..)

Codehackers info:
	At the end of the subroutine  smtp_bdata() (smtpserver/smtpdata.c,
	or smtpserver/smtpserver.c before the source split..) there is
	a test:

		if (!s_hasinput(SS))

	Remove the test, run the   typeflush()  unconditionally.
	(At the printout '0 bytes' means that test succeeds, because
	 it is the return value of the  s_hasinput() routine..)

/Matti Aarnio <matti.aarnio@tele.fi> <mea@nic.funet.fi>

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