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Re: duplicate email from Apple/Eudora Internet servers (fwd)

>	I suspect the sender sends more than the exact number of bytes
>	it is claims to send, as otherwise it would get reply pipeline
>	flush...
>	Could you try to send to my office workstation ?  To address:
>		mea@mea.tmt.tele.fi
>	My system has some extra log tests in it to see what happens.
>	It will also flush the reply pipe in every case, so your end
>	should get a report back.

Whatever you have done, it fixed the problem. I had no problem sending
messages to that address using BDAT. No error messages were reported either.

>	The problem with BDAT is that it is EXTREMELY sensitive to
>	the correct count of transferred bytes.  My pipeline optimi-
>	zation in the BDAT processing was such that if the transfer
>	was successfull, and the input is not empty, then there is
>	no immediate "replyflush".

As EIMS works internally with messages internally stored in raw RFC 822
format, all it does is send the length of the message in the BDAT command,
then send the message. It leaves no posibility of the size being wrong. It
was actually a lot easier to implement BDAT than the normal transfer method
as there is no need to pad lines starting with a '.' or search for
<CR><LF>.<CR><LF> at the end.

>	By the way, how many systems in the network have BDAT service
>	at all ?

EIMS 1.x supports sending using BDAT, but not receiving. Future versions
will support receiving as well. I don't know of any other systems that use
it. Let me know if you want to do any compatibility testing in future.

>	I tried to count the number of chars in the message you logged,
>	did I get it right, or did I under/overshoot a couple bytes ?
>	At the end there are two Xes after your signature, of which I
>	don't know, were they original CRLFs in the message ?
>	(The "M" at the end of the line represents CR of the CRLF pair.)

Yes, there are two CRLF pairs at the end where the Xes are.


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