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Re: 2.99.49beta4 - Solaris compilation tested

> >      at  ftp://mea.tmt.tele.fi/  there is now beta4 which compiles
> >      at the Solaris 2.5.1 with SC4.0 compiler.
> It does not with gcc: gcc does not allow invalid C constructs in
> error messages in libc/get{name,addr}info.c (those if SIZEOF...
> not match anything), lines 207 and 153.  I changed
	You need to rerun the  configure  to get them fixed.
	I did notice these two items too latter (of night) at home.

	I hacked (at night) also a bit of the policy filtering
	things, you can get:  zmailer-2.99.49b5.diff  with the
	first thoughts about the code...

	Because I have a busy weekend coming (I have two HAM-Radio
	meetings..), here are some bits what some of you could do
	for the policy filtering code:

	The intention if to have some (arbitary) format of keyed
	database which contains binary representation of the "policy.dat"
	source.  The parsers are written, but the main program is
	not yet done for that compiler.

	Also the policytest.c need routines that:
		- Build proper keyed queries (for address and domain),
		  and do the lookups
		- If something is found, the resulting attributes
		  need to be iterated, while keeping in mind that
		  due to "="-alias constructor one can create loops,
		  which must be broken by some means...
		  This iterator should get a set of attributes to
		  look for, and if it can find them all before the
		  attributes run out, it will stop, and return the
		  result, else it shall run until the end of the
		  attributes (or loop-break..)
		  Only the first instance of the attribute is registered.

	The "="-alias can be present multiple times for some keyed
	item, thus joining two sets of attribute lists.

> Eugene

	/Matti Aarnio