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Re: FIXED: URGENT: smtp session aborted.. 2.99.46p2

> WE have resolved this issue by upgrading everyone to the latest version
> of the client side TCPIP stack.
> Matti, (who really surprised me by phoning me!! Thanks again!) said that he
> has seen this before with the following combination:
> Windows client + FTP OnNet TCP version 2.1 and lower + Netscape + Zmailer
> 2.99.38 and higher + Ethernet
> (Matti it is still there with Zmailer 2.99.48p2)

	Yes, and changeing
		SMTPOPTIONS="-asve -M 10000000 -l /var/log/mail/smtpserver"
		SMTPOPTIONS="-sve -M 10000000 -l /var/log/mail/smtpserver"

	should help too.  At Telecom Finland we run without the ident lookup
	(-a) active at the server.  Since then we have had no problems.

> By changing the client stack to OnNet 2.5 the problem goes away. Hope this
> helps someone else.
> On May 13,  9:56, Trevor Paquette wrote:
> > Subject: URGENT: smtp session aborted.. 2.99.46p2
> > HEre is the situation:
> >
> > clients using a mailhost running sendmail can send mail
> > clients using a mailhost running zmailer 2.97 can send mail
> > clients using a mailhost running zmailer 2.99.10/13 can send mail
> >
> > however when connecting to a server running zmailer 2.99.46p2 some hosts...

	I don't remember, when I added the ident lookup...  ChangeLog
	leads me to believe it was before 2.90.x ...

	Interesting, I should compare 2.99.13 and 2.99.36 smtpservers
	(or libidents) to see what they do differently.

	Of course the question may relate on the "-a" option at the
	runtime parameters too..

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