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Re: Questions re Zmail

On Tue, 20 May 1997, Matti Aarnio wrote:

>	Also yesterday here was a question about having knowledge about
>	system load average, and IMO if the scheduler would need to check
>	it every time it is about to fork() a new transport agent, it
>	would soon be doing that generally very expensive operation
>	over and over again...  (On Linux it is cheap, but other systems
>	are not so nice..)  If the "TimeServer" would present the LoadAvg
>	in its shared memory block, then it would be cheaper...

That is a good idea.

>> 2. Why does mailq need the -Q option when querying a scheduler running
>> with -Q? This is quirk. Make mailq discover what protocol is used by the
>> scheduler and act appropriately.
>	Actually the 'mailq' can't.  The output IS empty for the case
>	of having nothing in the queue, but it LOOKS empty, when the -Q
>	option is used at the scheduler.

Then make the output be some characteristic string. It would be nice if
mailq would display without the -Q option even if the scheduler
uses -Q.

>	With VERY BIG lists it is better to use external program to split
>	the number of recipients down to more manageable size pieces -- like
>	1000 - 1500 recipients each.  Also preferrably sort them by the
>	domains so that the message has more changes to be delivered to
>	more than one recipient at the time over the SMTP connections...
>	It would be nice if the list expander would use  zmailer(3) library
>	(and data format!) to do the message submissions, then it would
>	work neatly, and with minimal process creation.  ( = No 'sendmail'
>	running at all..)

Maybe one could use the buildin script language to write a small

Also does the subscription mechanism to the list work? I have followed
instructions but not received any response to my subscribe request.