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Looking for a quick answer

I've just installed zmailer (2.99.48p2) a few days ago and, for the first
bit, everything was working fine.  SMTP transfers were working just fine. 
Incoming and outgoing mail was working fine....  

But I "broke" it....  I'm now getting the following error message from
zmailer for every message received:  (Note, domain name is replaced with
$DN to "protect the innocent"... <g>....)

<smtp $DN username@$DN 65534>: Trying to talk with myself!

Of course, with hindsight, I should have logged what changes I was making
to the config; but, of course, I haven't, so I haven't been able to
backtrack very effectively to figure out what I changed to mess things up. 
I should also mention that I'm new to ZMailer and this is my first go at
getting it set up on a system.

If you have any quick ideas on what I might have done to cause this, please
let me know.  I'd appreciate any suggestions I can get.

(One thing I've noted from the message above is that it's indicating an
smtp route; however, the recipient address is local.... ??? ... )  Have I
got routing screwed up somehow?  If so, where do I go to fix it?


Kevin Traas
Systems Analyst
Edmondson Roper CA