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Re: Config Question

> > My question is:  I've just reconfigured my LAN and DNS.  The system that
> > used to receive e-mail to my domain is being replaced by this Linux system
> > running ZMailer.  The problem I've run into is that for any mail coming to
> > username@DN, errors occur if username doesn't exist on the Linux system.
> > 
> > For ease, I'll call the Linux system A and the old system B.
> > 
> > I now have DNS configured so that any mail addressed to username@DN is
> > delivered to system A.  I'd like to configure ZMailer to automatically
> > forward any mail for which it can't resolve the username to system B.  The
> > reason for this is that I want to phase out system B.

There is a very easy answer for this scenerio. Use the aliases file. 
For all the users that are on system B, you will need to add an 
alias to route their mail over to system B. You would just add a line 
like the following for each user on B.

     nothere: nothere@B

Once all the users are there, you need to do a "zmailer newaliases" 
to activate the new aliases map.
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