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Re: 2.99.48 smtpserver won't accept()?

Tom Samplonius writes:
>   I was wondering why smtpserver would be calling select() on incoming
> connections, now I know :)
>   BTW, BSD4.4 systems have a define in sys/socket.h called SOMAXCONN that
> defines the maximum value for listen.  If the supplied param is bigger
> than SOMAXCONN, it is set to SOMAXCONN.

	Yes, things used to be like that.  I don't think
	they are anymore, though.  At Solaris, and DEC UNIX
	there are variables in kernel (not #defines anymore),
	and at DEC UNIX 4.0 there are even ways to enforce
	minimum value to be higher than the default 5 for
	use on system running binaries with low values in
	the  listen()  limit.

	On Solaris there seems to be runtime config parameter:
	though what value it has now, I haven't tried to find out.

>   I'm pretty sure that Solaris does this too.  I really doubt that you are
> actually get a "real" 2000 entry listen queue :)

	Yes, you can get it :-)

> Tom

	/Matti Aarnio