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Re: NetBSD & zmailer; sendmail-style aliases parsing

> > 2. is there an easy way to set zmailer so that it will parse both
> > /etc/aliases and .forward files *exactly* the same way that sendmail
> > does? The gratuitous difference here is a nearly daily exercise in
> > frustration for me, particularly since the parsing rules are not
> > documented in any obvious manual page.
>      The ZMailer processes them with RFC-822 rules, which
>      is commented at some of the README files -- but not
>      on manual pages, that is true.
>      Which difference exactly bothers you ?

I would pay attention on two things:

"special" aliases, as pipes, have different syntax.  In Sendmail, you can

	Majordomo: |/blah/blah/wrapper params


	Majordomo: |"/blah/blah/wrapper params"

In Zmailer, you must write:

	Majordomo: "|/blah/blah/wrapper params"

(the whole thing in quotes).

Another difference, is "real-user" mechanizm:

	networker: \root

will deliver to /var/mail/root even if you have "root" aliased to somebody.
Actually, this design is brain-dead in Sendmail (IMHO), but in Zmailer it
is completely missing.  Personally I prefer a Smail3-like "real-user"
scheme, a la:

	networker: real-root

and I have a six line patch to aliases.cf to implement this.  Matti, do you
want it?