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still a small error in .48 ?


While running .44 to .48 i always noted the same:

expn majordomo
250-Usage: login2uid login
250-Usage: fullname key
250-Usage: recase [ -u | -l | -p ] string
250-Usage: fullname key
550 no such user: <"|/usr/local/majordomo-1.94.1/wrapper majordomo">
221 2.0.0 cal026031.student.utwente.nl Out
Connection closed by foreign host.

This happens to pipes. I noted there were some patches, but pipes still
don't work well.

The following solved it for me (by editing rrouter.cf):


       /.+     # file
               # -- well, it could be a slash-notated X.400 address too..
               return (((local "file.$origaddr" "$address" $A)))
       \|.+    # pipe
               return (((local "pipe.$origaddr" "$address" $A)))



### Ranzige hack om procmail te ontwijken ?? (filepipe was local)
        [/|].+  # file or pipe
                return (((filepipe "$origaddr" "$address" $A)))

Then everything works fine (of course you will have to define filepipe als
a channel in scheduler.conf).

As local channel i'm using procmail delivery.
2.99.48 is already better here..mail to nonexistent adresses now come back
to you (with cc to postoffice) where in .46 it was just dumped to
/dev/null or so...you never saw an errormail come back...scheduler dumped

Someone with good ideas ?
Is it procmail perhaps ?


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