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Re: Batched SMTP

> Hello!
> Maybe a FAQ, but I'm new to zmailer and I have even no idea where to get
> the FAQ :-)

	Nobody has written one ?  (I haven't anyway..)

> Is it possible to send mail as batched SMTP via UUCP with zmailer? 
> I searched the sources for the string "MAIL FROM:" which is used for
> batched SMTP and only found it in smtp.c and smtpserver.c, I think those
> are for SMTP over TCP/IP only.

	The 'sm' program can do it.  Following is an adaptation from
	the 'uucp' channel specification at the standard distribution.

	Define a 'uucpb' channel, which you configure in
	the MAILSHARE/scheduler.conf  as:

	command="sm -c uucpb uucpb"

	Then at the 'MAILSHARE/sm.conf' have:

uucpb	Ub	/usr/bin/uux		uux - -r -a$g -gC some-bsmtp-cmd

	At the "Flags" field the important one is the 'b' for
	the Batch-SMTP.  You can also have 'B' or 'BB' for two
	grades of ESMTP.  More details in the 'man sm'.

	Hmm..  A new 'channel' needs to be defined in MAILSHARE/cf/crossbar.cf
	too to select proper way to header rewrite rules.  Propably it
	should be more like smtp* -channels, than like uucp, though..

	For the BSMTP reception the smtpserver does pretty well.
		MAILBIN/smtpserver -i > /dev/null < uucp.input.file
	If you want smarter bsmtp error reporter, tell me how to
	do it.

	My handicap is the lack of any UUCP links at my systems...
	(I do have an NJE link, but the BITNET is dying...)

> ---
> tschuess, Michael
> PGP Key available - use it

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>