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Re: ndbm database problems with fullnames.

> Hello.
> I have following problem with zmailer fullname-database.
> When I run makendbm ndbm fullnames it works great, but
> it makes gdbm database not ndbm.

	Really ?  Which  zmailer version you have ?
	... because the 'makendbm' used to have some problems in
	this regard until fairly recently.

	Which platform ( i.e.: Linux kernel + libc + distribution
	versions ) you have ?   Which databases does it have ?

> And of course, the router can't open it ndbm-database.
> So, does someone have solution for this how to get router
> looking also gdbm-database?

	Sure, look at the 'relation' entry defining the 'fullnames'
	database.  There is the '-t ndbm' (or whatever) definition.

> Regarding
> -- 
> (Niko Lilja <nmk@iug.org>)

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>