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ZMAILER smtp server and client at odds?

I'm running 2.99.38 on two Linux systems, with one (ws) configured to
forward all outgoing SMTP mail to the other (roadrunner) since roadrunner is
the powerhouse of the two.

Roadrunner's disk filled up today and all of the mail from ws to roadrunner
(all outgoing mail in this case) started bouncing with a very misleading
error.  Here's an example from a sendmail -v:

router done processing 86756-15296
scheduler processing 86756-15296
SMTP: Connecting to host: roadrunner.realbig.com
220 roadrunner.realbig.com ZMailer Server 2.99.38 #1 ESMTP+IDENT ready at
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 22:23:59 -0500
EHLO ws.realbig.com
250-roadrunner.realbig.com Hello ws.realbig.com
250-SIZE 0
250-X-RCPTLIMIT 10000
250 HELP
  EHLO responce flags = 0x0f, rcptlimit=10000
MAIL From:<root@ws.realbig.com> BODY=8BITMIME SIZE=408
RCPT To:<andy@request.net>
452 4.3.1 Try again later, insufficient storage available at the moment
452 4.3.1 insufficient storage space, try again later
550 5.1.7 No valid sender, rejecting all recipients
Processed headers:  ContentKind=0, CvtMode=0
Received: from ws.realbig.com by ws.realbig.com id <86756-15296>; Wed, 9 Apr
1997 22:23:55 -0500
From:   root <root@ws.realbig.com>
To:     andy@request.net
Subject: test
Message-Id: <97Apr9.222355-0500edt.86756-15296+30@ws.realbig.com>
Date:   Wed, 9 Apr 1997 22:23:54 -0500
550 5.5.2 Syntax error
->> 550 5.5.2 Syntax errorm andy@request.net 32765: error 
scheduler done processing 86756-15296

Notice that the smtp client apparently didn't grok the 452 replies to the
MAIL and RCPT commands.  Instead it chose to pay attention to the last error
it saw (550 - after the smtpserver was already thoroughly pissed off at it).

I guess the pipelining was the reason, but it seems that the zmailer SMTP
client and server should at least be able to co-exist.  :-) The only thing
in the bounce message transcripts was this last error and a complaint about
a syntax error.  Until I did this "sendmail -v" test I had no idea that the
problem was a full disk.

Is this a known/understood problem with the SMTP client?  I realize that
this version is a little bit out of date, but it's pretty solid and I've
been waiting for Matti to decide to cut a really stable release before
updating it.  That's not a shot at you Matti - it just seems like the bugs
have been keeping pace with the bugfixes lately, so I've decided to wait
until good eventually (and inevitably) triumphs. :-)

If you tell me that this is fixed in the current release, I might consider
updating though...


PS - I'm sure you've fixed the mis-spelling of ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES by now.

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