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Re: weekend datadump at mea.tmt.tele.fi

> Just a note:  in .48-970407 something changed in handling addresses like
> @somehwere:somebody@elswhere, but this still does not work.  It results in
> [non]delivery reports with empty reason, and the message is not delivered.

	Eh, no.  I don't think I changed anything in that regard.
	I must look at it.

> A sidenote: as the smtpserver code was split, I had to redo all my
> on-the-fly translation patches by hand :-(  Well, I understand that
> there are not many users of this code and you probably won't want
> to include it into mainstram...  Ehh...

	I might well integrate it, I just have waited you to submit
	it to me :-)

> Eugene

	/Matti Aarnio