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Re: Procmail as local delivery agent

> I have just been tinkering with setting up 'procmail' as the local mail
> delivery agent using the example entries in 'scheduler.conf' and
> 'sm.conf'.  However, I find it fails to deliver local mail since the '$u'
> in 'sm.conf' expands to 'user@host' and 'procmail' is called like this: 
> procmail <other args here> -d user@host
> If I remove the '@host' part, the delivery is successful.  But if the
> message gets to the 'procmail' delivery method at all, then it's already
> local and '@host' is superfluous anyway.  Is there any way in 'sm.conf' to
> specify to pass only the username to 'procmail'?

   See router configuration files: crossbar.cf

   Around line 128 these is a multi-choice label for "local".
   If you remove that instance, and activate (uncomment) the "uucp|local)"
   in place of "uucp)", then you should get plain "users" into the recipient
> Roy
> rcb@press-gopher.uchicago.edu

	/Matti Aarnio