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Spamming reports wanted

> If anyone has an idea how we can figure out how the spamming
> software works without buying it, I'd love to hear it.  There is no
> substitute for studying the target software, but I really don't want
> to make them rich (plus some packages are like $300US).
> -Andy

I may have a copy of one such piece of software shortly and will let 
you know.

We're going to attack this problem from the legal end.   Apparently
the FTC is very much interested in these issues and it looks
doubtful they are going to support spammers tactics.  While this
will not necessarily prevent the hardcore illegal spammer, the true
criminal, it will put a major chill in the many thousands of
spammers out there if the $500 unsolicited fax fine gets transfered
online (for real), and/or it gets easier to procecute those who
steal service and bounce their mail through other servers.  Put one
of two of these guys in jail and you'll see theft of service attacks
drop off in a big way.

The FTC is VERY interested in getting real life stories about system
abuse via spam.  If you have any information to supply, PLEASE send
it to me.  We're going to be generating a lot of media noise about
this.  The stories really help the media and the FTC.  Almost no one
in the real world knows how much work it is when your system gets
attacked like this.  Because of the reputation we're trying to build
as 100% opt-in emailers (never spamming), I had to reply to all
complaints we got from the recent spam someone sent to let them know
that we had nothing to do with it.  I've gotten about 100 complaints
so far.  One thing that is particularly annoying is the people
getting spammed feeling compelled to forward the spam to the
postmaster.  Ok, maybe most sysadmins don't look at that mail, I
don't know.  But its as bad as the spamming.  I got one spam, and
100 complaints about spam.   I can't blame them for trying, though. 

Anyway, send me real world stories of damage or work you need to do 
to prevent that damage.  It will make a big difference.


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