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Re: Huge amounts of resources

> > > Hello all,
> > > 
> > 	Oh yes, you will also need my pre-release edition of ZMailer.
> > 	It has several bugfixes in it which improve on  smtp transporter
> > 	reliability.  Though I need to verbosify some aspects of the
> Hi Matti,
> do you plan to fix 'mailbox' for HP-UX or better for non-MMAP
> machines aswell ?

	The MMAP (or lack of) does not affect the mailbox program
	per my quick tests at  smtp.tele.fi (Solaris) where I simply
	removed the  "HAVE_MMAP" from the  config.h, and then
	compiled the mailbox program again.

	My tests at HP-UX 10.20 have been unsuccessfull.
	In our earlier private exchanges you mentioned the
	need for GNU gas, binutils, and gcc compiled with
	them for successfull debugging ?

> Also it seems as if newer zmailer versions don't care for MX records
> with HP-UX.

	??  Perhaps this is one result of the  ranny() call error
	    at the smtp program ?  It gave about 1/3 change of not
	    giving MXes, if there were two active MXes.

> Also some docs about new features (like filterings spam) would
> be nice.

	Filtering of spams is not yet available (aside of Gabor Kiss'
	solution).  However something else that Tele.FI production
	people wrote because one customer drove them nuts by probeing
	some external (and nonexistent) address for errors, and wanted
	to get the bounces to see that their email system is working:


	That nice pe(a)rl will come to 2.99.48  :-)

> Greets, Sven

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>