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Re: SMTP transport hangs

> > Sometimes smtp transport process hangs and stays in the process list for
> > a long time (days).

>      However the trace you present below looks familiar, and
>      I propably did fix it.  "patch1c" at my workstation.
>       ("patch1", version "c", on top of the 2.99.48 package there)

Thanks, I will try it.  Happily enough, I found your workstation address
in my bash history :)  I will report if it helps.

> > Maybe the scheduler could kill letargic childs?  Something else?
>      Umm..  It does have the requisite trace information available
>      for detecting non-active childs...  Yes, it is possible.
>      Now what is the longest time any process may be active waiting
>      for a remote system ?  (or subprocess in case of local pipe..)

Why not make it a configurable parameter in scheduler.conf?
I would set it to 6 - 12 hours for smtp transport...