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Re: 2.99.48+p1 compile

> In most of the cases you pointed out for multiple domains having the same
> MX host (or A record, or ...) i'd be willing to specify a channel/host
> pattern to match it -- thus something like
> 	smtp/*.nzl.xerox.com	...
> 					smtp -e ... $host

	In this kind of case you could do an explicite routeing via
	the "routes" file:

		.nzl.xerox.com  smtp!nzlrelay.xerox.com

	However what I had listed were actual cases pulled from
	the queues at smtp.inet.fi, and smtp.tele.fi ...
	( except names altered to protect the innocents(?) )

	Worst offender that we detected, we solved with explicite
	route definition, but it isn't pretty...

> I wouldn't expect the scheduler to just automagically detect that anything
> that is being scheduled on some SMTP channel might possibly be eligible for
> one of the MX checks.

	(DNS comments edited)

	Yes, you have valid comments.  I must reconsider these things.
	(And do some profiling to see which parts are slowest these
	 days.. --> where to put effort. )
> 					\nick

	/Matti Aarnio