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Re: Multi domain server not wanting acceptance for user@all.domains

On Mon, 31 Mar 1997, Mark wrote:
> One of our clients has zmailer 2_2e10 running on a Solaris 2.5.1 x86 machine.
> They have it accepting multiple domains properly but have an issue with the
> mailer accepting email for anne@domain1.com.au, anne@domain2.com.au and
> anne@domain3.com.au. Anne should only be accepted for anne@domain1.com.au.
> Anything else shouldn't be allowed and should be bounced back.
> What is the best thing to do here?
> A) Alter the scripts so anne@domain1.com.au maps to a login name and then
>    refuse all other anne@*.com.au's? If so, how is this done?
> B) Have aliases for anne@all.domains and have anne@domain1.com.au map to the
>    login name, and the rest map to some bounce alias? If so, how?
> The chosen scheme has to be maintainable as more and more domains are added
> to the machine, so the act of adding a mail alias or full name alias etc should
> be a once only task that doesn't have to be done again in the future. Although
> I can live with a perl script that's run after a new alias is added to enforce
> the desired behaviour. The idea of setting a array of anne@*.com.au to bounce
> and then plugging in valid users to deliver properly seems a little inelegant.
> I'd rather have a bounce all rule after the valid aliases have been parsed.

I've done this for a client, and while I can't give you the software (it's
what they do), I can tell you the strategy that we used.

Putting everything inside the MTA is what (IMHO) sunk sendmail.
Compartmentalization of function can be a good thing.

Don't try to do it all in zmailer.  Use the routes database to route mail for
your local domains to a seperate delivery agent that you write.  Then that
agent (similar to "mailbox") has all of your local ugliness in it and
zmailer remains basically stock, easily maintainable and update-able.  

Define your own database of some sort to map all of the usernames in the
virtual domains to the proper mailboxes.

You're done.  Sounds so easy, eh?  :-)


PS - Just wait until they want anne@blah and anne@foo to go to two different
people... then the fun really begins...

PPS - Because of the aforementioned compartmentalization we were able to
migrate our "solution" from sendmail to zmailer with little effort when the
time came.