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Your letters & faxes can have your signature without
you having to sign them!  And because we create your
signature as a True Type font, it will look excellent!
If you are currently using a scanned image of your
signature to solve this problem, let us turn your
signature into a True Type font and say good-bye to
cutting and pasting or importing from outside files

You will be able to access your signature right from
the font menu.  It's easy and it's fast.  In the past
you had to import a previously drawn or scanned graphic
that used not only a tremendous amount of space and time
to display - but it also took forever to print.  Well,
not anymore.  With the MASTER GRAPHICS "Signature"
font, you just click on your font menu for your signature,
and presto! Your selection appears in a snap as a True
Type font in your document, fully scaleable to any size.

Here is what David from San Jose had to say about the 
MASTER GRAPHICS "Signature" font... "Thank you for the
quality job that you have done.  Also, I found the
installation and use of the font to be explained in such
a way that even a novice, such as myself, was able to
accomplish it successfully."

...Paulina faxed us..."Congratulations, you did a great
job! Thanks a lot, it's wonderful to be able "to sign".

John from West Haven, CT says... "I just wanted to let you
know that I received the signature font...and it works just
fine.  Thank you very much for your very kind attention
to the needs of this customer.

Gregg the "Shirtsleeves Accountant" says:..."I installed
the new font... and it works like a charm.  Thank you.

S I G N A T U R E   F O N T S   are priced at only $28.95
per full signature.

Any questions?  Call us at (619) 723-8724 Monday through 
Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

====>W E   C A N   A L S O   D O   Y O U R   L O G O ! !<====

Most Logo's cost between $60.00 and $100.00 Please
send us a sample and we will call, fax or E-mail
you back with a quick quote.


YES: Please send me my signature as a True Type font.  I
understand that if my signature doesn't work to my satisfaction,
I may return everything for a full refund.





State..:________________________  Zip:_______________________




1. Use a BLACK FINE FELT TIP pen that has plenty of ink or a
   black "UNI-BALL" pen.  These pens produce the best results.
   At least avoid using a blue ink pen or a Bic Type pen, these
   pens produce poor results.
2. Practice writing your signature on a plain white sheet
   of paper.
3. When finished practicing, please indicate which signature
   you like the most by pointing to it with an arrow.  Be
   carefull not to touch your signature with this arrow or
   any other marks.
4. Read the following two descriptions and pick one.  Then
   fill out the rest of this form.

|                                   E
|                              R
|                         U
|                    T
|                A
|            N
|        G
|    I
| S
Some people like to sign on a slant.  If you want us to maintain
the slant that is on your sheet of paper, then CHECK HERE [  ]

|    S I G N A T U R E
Some people like to keep their signature very straight.  If you
want us to make your signature as straight as possible, then


[  ] Please send me my full signature as a True Type font $28.95

[  ] For an additional $9.95 we will create a 2nd image of your
first name only for times that you might want a more personal

[  ] Get both PC & MAC for an additional $14.95

Please allow three weeks to create and ship your font.
[  ] RUSH! We can create your font within 2 days and ship it to
you via 3 day letter for an additional $25.00

Total amount of sale: (If you are in CA please include 7.25% sales tax)


Method of payment:  [  ]My check is enclosed. (USA customers only)

Please charge my: [  ]VISA  [  ]MasterCard   [  ]American Express

EXP. DATE:_____________  CARD # _________________________________________

(This signature is for credit card approval only, we don't use this one
to make your font.)



(Did you remember to include your signature?)

Any questions?  Call us at (619) 723-8724 Monday through Friday,
10:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.