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Re: 2.99.47?

> I'm setting up another zmailer box, and wouldn't like to do it _just_
> before 2.99.47 is released.  Matti?

	Are you some sort of foreteller ?  (Soothsayer?)

	Of course you asked this just after I had made ..47 available,
	but it took me two days to figure out all the necessary bits for
	it to work :-/

> Btw, an anecdote for some of you.  I just sent NOTIFY=SUCCESS on a
> mailing-list message (to probe for address changes) and got this thing
> back from Microsoft.  I looked at the uuencoded blob, and, yes: all
> the relevant information is there, in some proprietary, unreadable
> binary format.
> DSN is a standard, so of course Microsoft supports it.

	Uhh..  And it was about the same information (that was in
	clear ASCII) but in binary form.

	I have also let myself to hear that that binary format is
	extremely version dependent, and it won't interoperate
	unless both parties have exactly same revision and build-
	level of the mail system clients...

> --Arnt

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>