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Re: lookups in router not wanted

> I have a configuration problem.
> I have set toplevels= all toplevel domains. From my testing, if I give
> an address that cannot be located via DNS (like yzhou@MECAD.HUST.EDU.CN)
> the router does not get hung in looking it up DNS. However, when
> in production, I am getting

	Odd..  The way I do my tests is following:

# $MAILBIN/router -i
z# trace all
z# untrace regexp rfc822
z# router whatever@where.ever.CN

	You will see that there happens 'istoplevel' test, and
	that it does the test in lower case.  I hope your list
	of toplevel domains is in lower-case too...  (My samples
	have it in lowercase -- TELE-FI.cf, for example.)

	The output is rather lengthy, but most informative :-)

	Another test I do is to turn off the regular routers, send
	in a couple messages to the test address, and then run router
	with trace options turned on -- all except regexp..

 $MAILBIN/router -i
 z# trace all
 z# untrace regexp
 z# cd $POSTOFFICE/router
(now the difficulty: know which spool-id it is...)
 z# process 12345

	and watch thru the reports....
	(Your xterm is better to have HUGE scroll-back buffer ;) )

> search_res: deferred: mecad.hust.edu.cn: any (host name lookup/try again) error
> How I tested is shown below... if my test is invalid, let me know my error.
> I have hundreds of messages going to this address so the router is
> getting blocked and now I have a MAJOR backlog of mail. I am not sure
> how to get out of this. Any help or pointers is appreciated.

	You could define  MAILVAR/db/routes  entry:

		.cn	smtp!

> I am using 2.99.45 without modifications to the .cf files except as noted
> above.
> /mrg
> P.S. I tested with the following:
> [2198]su.outbound.Princeton.EDU--> router -i
> ZMailer router (2.99.45 #1: Tue Mar 11 21:10:19 EST 1997)
>   gettes@outbound.Princeton.EDU:/var/local/c/zmailer-2.99.45/router
> Copyright 1992 Rayan S. Zachariassen
> Copyright 1992-1996 Matti Aarnio
> z# . router.cf

	No need to re-include it.  It will be loaded in at the start
	of the router process  -- presuming this  router.cf  is the
	one that is on  MAILSHARE/router.cf

> relation: expansions is already a defined database!
> relation: hostexpansions is already a defined database!
> relation: recipients is already a defined database!
> zz# router yzhou@MECAD.HUST.EDU.CN
> (((smtp MECAD.HUST.EDU.CN yzhou@MECAD.HUST.EDU.CN default_attributes)))
> zz# 

	Double-z ?  Hmm..

/Matti Aarnio