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Issues for Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.99.45

Solaris 2.5.1
Zmailer 2.99.45

A few problems. I tried pushing about 100,000 messages through it 
as my first acid test (real traffic).

(1) Logging scheduler output I got 53MB of the following message type:

19970317192004 DBGdiag: # smtpclient:15563: lockaddr: file '541305-13635' host 
'?host?' expected '~' found ' '

(2) I tried setting USE_FCNTLLOCK in transports/libta/lockaddr.c. After
futzing with the header files to get fcntl.h incorporated, this code
did not build. Looking at the fcntl code in lockaddr.c, I don't think
this code works.

(3) I have 6 smtp processes looping, apparently. I am unable to truss or
debug them. I sent them a SIGABRT and then gdb the core file and got:

#0  0x148b0 in process (SS=0xeffff3c8, dp=0x3fb7c, smtpstatus=0, host=Cannot 
access memory at address 0xeffff184.
) at smtp.c:701
701             for (rp = rphead = dp->recipients; rp != NULL; rp = rp->next) {

(4) HUPing the scheduler process does not cause new processes to write a new
scheduler.perflog. Killing the scheduler process does not kill the children,
as documented. HUPing the router process only causes that one router process
to write to the new log file, the others continue writing to the old (it would
seem they never get HUPed).

(5) process.cf has a return 0 just prior to the log info: line that prevents
the info: line from being generated. This, of course, breaks any stats
gathering you might want.

(6) I can't find any documentation about the output of mailq -Q. Can someone
describe the following please?:
   smtp/mx1.gzic.gd.cn/0 R=9  A=3  P=22688 HA=1482s FA=1484s OF=9  QA=14h18m56s

(7) What is considered to be the last 'stable' release of zmailer? Is anyone
moving 200,000 messages per day on Solaris 2.5.1???