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Re: is the mailing list working?

> > > Is the list dead or did Majordomo forget about me (again!)?
> > > Yesterday I posted two messages about a bug in .46 to the list
> > > but did not receive them back.
> > 
> >      You haven't ?  Hmm..  No Eugene (nor crosser) on the list ?
> This already happend a year ago.  I was subscribed and then stopped
> receiving postings...  Will you put me (crosser@online.ru) back or
> shall I subscribe myself again?

	Please "help yourself" -- I try to avoid touching on the file
	manually -- it may cause surprises too..

> >      The subscription server is my very old writeup, perhaps
> >      it needs debugging ?  Anybody want to spend a moment ?
> >      ftp.funet.fi:/pub/local/src/mailserver.tar.gz
> Why not use SmartList?  It is working in production here and I like it.

	If I have time to learn it.
	However that server does other things too, it can send files
	out from that servers archive in email, and that you don't
	get in any listserver...

> >      I did receive the questions, though, but I am positively
> >      swamped... (if there is anything positive in that situation,
> >      that is...)
> I know :)
> BTW, nic.funet.fi does not generage non-deliveries too.  I tried mailing
> to some-unlikely-to-exist-name@nic.funet.fi and did not receive non-delivery
> report from it.

	Yes, I spent couple early morning hours yesterday (at home,
	instead of sleeping) on it, and now have fixed ZMailer src at
	my office machine...  Perhaps I can release it already today.

> Eugene

	/Matti Aarnio