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Re: Pine3.95 & Zmailer2.99.21

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In article <97Mar5.140734-0700_mst.12135+1367@mailhost.edm.trlabs.ca>,
Luke Chong  <lchong@edm.trlabs.ca> wrote:
>We have Zmailer2.99.21 (I know it is really old) installed on a DEC/OSF
>machine running UNIX.  Now, I've just started to use PINE3.95.  However,
>I always get some error message regarding to disk space of the spool
>directory.  I have checked the disk space and I still have a lot.  SO,
>anyone out there has seen this problem with PINE & Zmailer?

Something must have changed between Pine 3.91 and 3.95 (for the worse).
I run zmailer 2.99.43 on my Linux system (kernel 2.0.29, libc 5.2.18,
ncurses 3.0), and have tried both pine 3.95 and 3.96, and they both
hang (stay at 0%) whenever I *send* mail.  (Reading mail works fine.)
I have yet to take a real look in the sources at what it really does
when sending mail.

Has anyone successfully used Pine 3.95+ on a system running zmailer?

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