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A couple quick questions

A few quick questions, the rest of the list might like to know the answers

1) You can configure listserv to send out messages with as many recipients
per message as you want.  Is zmailer more efficient with large numbers of
recipients (i.e. 200) or smaller (i.e. 20 or 50)? Or neither?

2) You can also sort the outgoing recipients by hostname, so that those
with the same hostname are likely to appear in the same message. Does this
matter to zmailer at all? 

Also, maybe a bug report: On my linux 1.2.13 system (486DX4/100, 40MB),
whenever I send a SIGUSR1 to the scheduler to re-read the config file, it
just dies. Anyone else had similar experiences? I'll send more info
(Matti) if you need it.


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